Quantum Computing: A Hands-On Experience with Jupyter Notebooks and Qiskit

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We are quickly approaching the limits to everyday computing. Quantum Computing is an emerging technology that is expected to overcome some of these limits and revolutionize computing. Today, the first quantum computers are accessible and programmable over the internet. With improvements in accuracy and power of quantum computers, the demand for a skilled workforce in Quantum Computing increases significantly.

To gain a basic understanding of the exciting area of Quantum Computing, this workshop for high-school aged youth will introduce basic principles of Quantum Computing, providing hands-on experience on quantum computers and simulators, using Jupyter Notebooks and IBM’s open-source Quantum Computing framework Qiskit.

No prior programming experience is required to attend, but this workshop is intended for high-school aged youth.

This event is sponsored by Callysto, an initiative of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and made possible through the support of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

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