Our Programs

Our Programs

Based in the University of Victoria Faculty of Engineering, HighTechU is an innovative learning community & skills incubator for high-school-aged youth to make connections, build professional skills, and explore diverse education and career pathways related to technology.

HighTechU is membership-based, allowing students to access a variety of benefits.

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“Teamwork will take you places you can't go by yourself.”

Skills Academy

A project-focused, team-based program to explore how technology can be used to solve real-world problems alongside university and industry mentors.

Delivered over 7-weekends in the winter, spring and summer terms on-campus at UVic, Academy students gain practical experience in teams while building professional skills that are critical for future education and career pathways.

Example Projects Completed during past Skills Academy Programs

Scheduled Cohorts

Academy details are subject to change, but are currently scheduled to take place during the following periods:

1February 1 - March 14, 2020Software EngineeringSaturdays10am - 4pm
2March 28 - May 16, 2020Software EngineeringSaturdays10am - 4pm
3July 6 - July 17, 2020Computer EngineeringMonday - Friday10am - 4pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be a successful applicant for the Academy?

Successful applicants for the Skills Academy program must demonstrate how they exemplify our six core values of respect, resilience, creativity, curiosity, teamwork and innovation in their daily lives. With diversity as a cornerstone, applicants must also be able to demonstrate a range of interests and experiences outside of education and technology. 

Students applying for the Dual Credit option must meet additional eligibility requirements below.

Am I eligible to apply for the HighTechU Dual Credit option?

Students wishing to participate in the Skills Academy to obtain dual credit, must meet these additional requirements:

  • Be enrolled in Grade 11 or 12 at an SD61 school.
  • Completing a full range of courses required to be admitted to degree studies at the University of Victoria.
  • Minimum 85% average in all academic subjects to date.
  • Demonstrate language proficiency if English is not your primary language (uvic.ca/enpr).
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • At least 16 years of age (except under special circumstances).

HighTechU Dual Credit Application Packages can be found with your School Guidance/Career Counsellor

How do I apply for the Academy?

Application for the Skills Academy involves 1 or 2 packages, the: 

  • Academy Application Package (mandatory), and; 
  • HighTechU Dual Credit Application Package (optional).

Academy Application Packages are a requirement for all students wishing to take part in the Skills Academy. This application can be found online at https://hightechu.ca and is submitted via email by the November 2019 deadline. 

HighTechU Dual Credit Application Packages are an additional requirement for students seeking to pursue dual credit. Applications can be accessed through your school counsellor, who will work with students to determine suitability and to complete the package. This package is submitted directly to your counsellor and will be delivered to the University of Victoria Undergraduate Admissions Office, separate from the Academy Application Package.

For more information on applying to the HighTechU Dual Credit option, please contact your school counsellor.

What happens after I submit my application?

Following the submission deadline, Academy Application Packages will be reviewed by an internal selection committee, comprised of HighTechU staff. Selected applicants will then be invited to a mandatory group interview and information session, for further assessment. Successful candidates will be informed of their interview results by email within 30-days of the interview, and will be invited to participate in the Academy either as a dual credit student or auditor.

What is the cost?


If attending the Skills Academy as an auditor, students are responsible for paying related audit fees. However, there are no additional student fees which must be paid.

Estimated audit fee (based on 2019-20 rates) is: $284.82

Note that as you are not paying student fees you will be unable to access services/facilities provided by the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) and UVic Athletics & Recreation.

Dual Credit

If attending the Academy as a dual credit student, your tuition will be paid by your School District. However, you are responsible for paying student fees and other costs related to your studies (see below).

Note that student fees enable you to use the services and facilities provided by the UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) and UVic Athletics & Recreation.

Estimated student fees per term (based on 2019-20 rates) 

  • UVSS: $38.43 
  • U-PASS (bus pass)*: $81.00 
  • Athletics & Recreation: $44.44 

* Students who already have valid BC Transit bus passes may opt out of the U-PASS program.

HighTechU is committed to ensuring we remain accessible to all students, regardless of socio-economic status. As such, we are committed to working with students and families to ensure that fees do not impact participation.


Available to Academy alumni, Internships provide a chance to gain practical work experience in local industry while also gaining high-school credit.

Supported by industry mentors and an educational job coach, internships are a chance to gain early insight into technology careers, while also gaining high-school credit in Work Experience 12A/12B (if applicable).

Past interns have been hosted by

Frequently Asked Questions

What would I be doing on an internship?

Internships vary greatly based on employer, allowing interns to explore the many different aspects of a career in technology. That said, what we hope all students will gain during the internship experience is the opportunity to use their skills to contribute to the local community and to build a professional network in Victoria and beyond.

When do Internships take place?

Internships are subject to availability, with most taking place during the months of July and August. Employment terms and contracts are managed through individual employers, with ongoing support for both interns and hosts provided by HighTechU. While we encourage all Skills Academy graduates to apply, there are limited internship opportunities available, and as such not all applicants will be accepted for a position. 

Upon successful completion of their internship, graduates may be eligible for a post-secondary award which can be applied to their first-year tuition should they choose to attend the University of Victoria.

Am I eligible to apply for an Internship?

Students wishing to participate in the Internship program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Member in good standing of HighTechU
  • Completed a HighTechU Skills Academy course within the past 2-years.
  • Demonstrate language proficiency if English is not your primary language (https://uvic.ca/enpr).
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • At least 16 years of age.
How do I apply for an Internship?

Application processes differ based on individual employer requirements. Eligible Academy alumni will be informed of available Internship opportunities on a regular basis and invited to apply following the requested process.


An important part of building community, MeetUps aim to provide a safe and accessible environment for members and mentors to interact.


Mentors from local industry and the UVic Faculty of Engineering support members and help them explore the many career and education pathways to a job in technology.


Resources are available through an online learning portal, allowing members to continue their journey of technology exploration and self-discovery.


Workshops are a chance to learn about interesting topics ranging from academic research areas to career pathways to professional skills.

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