Calling all Youth Poets and Artists


Seeking both artwork and poetry for a published book project. Artists, please submit a digital copy of an artwork. Poets, please submit up to three poems for consideration. Include a short bio as well.

Direct all submissions and questions to


Must be a youth resident (age 12-24 years old) of British Columbia to submit to this book publication. Preference will also be given to members of the Capital Regional District (CRD) on Vancouver Island, though we hope to get submissions from outside the island as well.

Both neurodivergent and neurotypical voices are encouraged to contribute.


Youth perspectives on stress, wellness, and mental health dialogues. This book project welcomes poetry and art by diverse, inclusive, and mainstream voices. Each piece should address mental health in some capacity, either explicitly or implicitly.


THE UNQUIET MINDS PROJECT aims to present the unique concerns, opinions, and ideas that youth have around mental health, in their own words. It seeks to offer youth an opportunity to become leaders and innovators within a new mental health scene of their choosing.
This generation has a valuable perspective on this theme, which we hope to display through the creation of this publication. Such that, community art spaces and publications can amplify these voices as people begin to talk about and engage with mental health issues in their cities.


November 15th, 2020. Book anthology to be printed early in January 2021. We will also be featuring works from our December open mic event. We have a series of youth poetry and performance workshops run in coordination with Foundry Victoria (
that can be found on our FB page (

Please email with any questions or submissions!

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