Learn Javascript with Google Grasshopper

What is Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is the best way to learn to code for beginners. With fun, quick lessons on your phone or desktop, Grasshopper teaches adult learners to write real JavaScript. It’s currently available for free on Desktop, Android, and iOS. Grasshopper is a Code with Google program.

What can I expect to learn using Grasshopper?

Grasshopper covers the foundations of JavaScript, how to create animations with code, teaches solving problem techniques needed for technical interviews and introduces how to build a website with HTML and CSS. Here’s what each course covers:

  • Fundamentals – How code works, calling functions, variables, strings, for loops, arrays, conditionals, operators, objects, and how all these things work together.
  • Fundamentals II – String and array methods, creating functions, introducing recursion and callbacks, and importing libraries.
  • Intro to Interviewing – Decompose and model real world problems so that they can be solved using code, utilizing computational thinking.
  • Animations I – Drawing shapes using the popular D3 library, defining functions, callback functions, and animations.
  • Animations II – Creating more complex functions using D3 and integrating JavaScript features.
  • Array Methods – Using multiple JavaScript array methods, such as indexOf, shift, includes, splice, map and reduce.
  • Using a Code Editor – Introduction to a traditional style code editor (or IDE)
  • Intro to Webpages – Covers basic HTML and CSS, then uses JavaScript to build an interactive webpage.

By the end of using Grasshopper’s current curriculum, you should be familiar with core programming concepts, be comfortable solving problems with code and be able to build a simple webpage.

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